"I suffered from hearing loss for years, and one day I saw the ad for Supreme Hearing Aids located in Westbrook Maine and called and made an appointment. It was the best decision I could have made, for not only did I get excellent hearing aids at a reasonable price, but I received "Supreme" customer service. Marc and Michelle welcome me back with a cup of coffee, a handshake, and I leave encouraged and satisfied. I highly recommend Supreme Hearing Aids to anyone who is looking for a better quality of life due to hearing loss. They treat you right."

Leroy Perkins
Waterville, ME

"My mother came to Supreme Hearing in 2010. She was so pleased with the attention to detail, honesty, and respect she received from Marc and Michelle. As a result of her experience, I brought in my mother-in-law. She had been unhappy with hearing aids she received in a different office and was reluctant to address her issues once again. However, she was instantly comfortable at Supreme Hearing and felt a personal connection in the office with both Marc and Michelle. She has been spreading the word to her friends, letting them know they can trust Supreme Hearing Aids. I can't recommend them highly enough."

Thanks for the opportunity!
Judy Beauchemin

"My husband and I would highly recommend Supreme Hearing AIds. They're friendly, accommodating and knowledgable. We can't say enough good things about them. Also their prices were right, quite a bit cheaper than most, testing was professional and thorough. We left there happy and satisfied with our visit. Regardless if you purchase or not, there's no pressure."

Delores and Bob Ferron
Scarborough, ME

"I am an avid fisherman. When on the rivers with my new hearing aids, I am able to hear bird sounds and nature sounds again. I didn't realize how much I was missing."

Paul McCarthy
New Gloucester, ME

"Hearing loss started to get the best of me; struggling to understand my grandkids and cranking up the TV. Finally I decided that enough is enough. It was time to do something. So my husband and I visited Supreme Hearing. I not only got top-of-the-line hearing aids but we also received top notch care. Beyond that, we bonded in such a way that now I would even consider the Kuczewski's our friends. Thank you for helping me regain a critical sense of life!"

Eva & Herb Roy
Westbrook, ME

"As a very long term hearing aid user (30+ years), I have experienced a great many different types of aids and audiologists over time. Marc and Michelle at Supreme Hearing have been as helpful and involved as anyone I have ever encountered. Further, the current iteration of digital instruments that I am now using are the best I have ever used. I highly recommend both their products and service."

Dean Rock
Cumberland, ME

"I have only good things to say about Supreme Hearing. Marc, Michelle and David are professional and know their job and they are also friendly and welcoming. I love my follow-up appointments and feel all my questions and concerns are answered. I recommend them highly. "

Lynn C. Lagerstrom
South Portland, ME

"I am very happy with my hearing aids. I never realized I was missing so much. I thought the high notes on my piano were dead. Now it sounds like a SYMPHONY!!! Thank you for your professional and family atmosphere."

Robert J. Couri
Old Orchard Beach, Maine

"Everyone is kind and I find comfort in coming to my appointment, I like the fact that I don't have to travel very far for my appointment."

Mary Bayley
Scarborough, ME

"I have been very pleased with the service. Even my husband has mentioned to other people how impressed he has been with the thoroughness and how well the audiologist listens to concerns."

Ann Desrosiers
Scarborough, ME


We use several state of the art manufacturers that are diverse in what they offer. Times have changed. Modern hearing aids come in different sizes, shapes and colors.

Everyone is different, so let your individuality shine! The color could match your hair, your skin or just colors for fun from red to lime green and everything in between!

Your hearing aid considerations have to do with your type of hearing loss and your prescription. Some hearing losses can't use certain styles of hearing aids.

The best type of hearing aid for you would be discussed at your appointment at Supreme Hearing Aids.

Lifestyles also impact the type of hearing aid you would choose. If you are a quiet person and living alone, you would not need a hearing aid with many different programs. If you are person who runs for exercise and plays music, the choice may be different.

We are here to help you with your choices.